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Roadworthy Certificate

In Broadmeadows,  Austec exhaust is the Licensed shop to provide roadworthy certificate for your vehicle. It is very important to have a roadworthy certificate to prove that your car fits to be on road when selling or after an accident.

To get the Roadworthy certificate, your vehicle has to be examined according to the Vic Roads regulations. If any defects are found, you can get it repaired by us before getting the certificate.

Our Roadworthy inspection generally includes checking of vehicles critical safety systems including tyres, suspension, brakes, exterior and drivers controls among other things

The certificate is needed in the following cases:

  • When you are planning to sell or transfer your vehicle
  • If your vehicle registration has expired for more than 3 months
  • When police issue a defect notice for your vehicle

Generally at Austec Exhaust we complete the test within 2 hours and in these two hours we complete all the things according to the Vic regulations. We take the pictures of your vehicle and store it for many years and then we issue the certificate and complete our administration.

Visit our mechanic shop in Broadmeadows and let us inspect your vehicle completely for any defect before going for a roadworthy test. If we find any defects, they will be rectified and we ensure that your vehicle will ready to undergo the test and gets the Roadworthy Certificate after the completion of the test.